AdWords can very successful if done correctly. Most think that it does not actually work, or the only way to make money online is to lose just as much through PPC. And to a newbie, I understand that perspective. I remained in the very same place. I would invest anywhere from 10 to a hundred dollars in one single day, and make only one sale; and even worse none at all. And now, I am considered a rather professional at it, and others ask me about AdWords Marketing all the time. So I wished to help many individuals at the same time, by writing a short article.

I am going to go through a few of the important things I do before I start establishing AdWords Campaigns. Do not hesitate to use or avoid any idea you’d like. Let’s start, shall we?


Plan Ahead

The first part to achieving success in AdWords is preparing ahead of time. You’ll wish to do 4 things before you leap in and start making advertisements. Initially, you’ll certainly wish to find the specific niche, subject, or item you are going to write your advertisements for. Whether it’s a physical item on Amazon or digital item on Clickbank, or perhaps anything else between, you’ll would like to know precisely what you’ll be pressing. Learn as much as you can about the item, by doing this you can use bits about it in your advertisement.


Keyword List

The next thing you’ll wish to do is to make a keyword list for this product or specific niche. You’ll wish to consist of the primary keywords, plural variations, misspellings, and long tail keywords in this list. Building a substantial and differed list is an extremely important element of AdWords marketing If you just bid on the primary keyword, then you might not pay.


Competition Research

The 3rd thing you’ll wish to do before you start using AdWords Marketing is to have a look at your competition. This one is most likely the most vital part. If you do not have a look at your competition, you most likely will not succeed at all. And why is this? Because by knowing your competition, you can set budget plans, and know the best ways to bid. Ways to do this. It’s in fact quite simple. Just take all those keywords that you found in part 2, and put them into Google. Now browse through them. All your competition for those words will appear on the right in the “Sponsored Links” column. If there are no advertisements, then this is excellent. That means you can enter into Google and bid the minimum, and get away with being top for that term. But, if there are more than about 5 advertisements, then you’re going to need to do some fightin’, and you’re minimum quote is going to be a lot greater. Investigating beforehand is definitely needed.



The last action in preparing to use AdWords is this: Set a Budget. You truly need to do this. To inform you the reality, I didn’t do this when I began, and it nearly destroyed me. You need to discover how much you can invest daily, or perhaps weekly, and stay with that quantity. Now, even if you set an everyday budget plan on Google does not mean you’ll reach it, but you must have one. In this manner you can figure out the optimum expense per click you’ll pay, and the number of advertisement groups or projects you can run.

I do all these things before I setup any new advertising campaign, and it appears to work for me. It’s best when going to war, bring with you a plan.